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Vision Systems are industry leaders in the design, installation and servicing of CCTV systems. With experience with both IP and analogue-based systems there is nothing our team hasn’t seen! We will provide expert advice on the needs of your outfit- large or small.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are widely used for a variety of reasons which can include:

  • Operates as a visual deterrent to intruders & shoplifters.
  • Can be used as an extra set of eyes from another room.
  • Provides management with an ability to remotely view activity.

Integration with Point of Sale devices such as cash registers to provide a text overlay onto a recorded camera image of a cash register transaction.

Video surveillance gives an organization the ability to provide authorities with visual evidence of illegal activity.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security cameras and video surveillance systems come in a variety of types to suit all applications whether for retail, commercial, internal or external.

These security cameras are managed through digital video recorders (DVRs) which provide a user-friendly interface to the CCTV system.

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