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A day in the life of… A security apprentice

Imagine walking into your house without a key, a fingerprint or even a door handle. The door opens as if by magic and your internal alarm system deactivates and acknowledges your presence. 

The future of security is dynamic and diverse, with technology playing a major role in shaping the needs of commercial and residential properties. Long gone are the big clunky cameras and clanging keys – this is an era of facial recognition and AI. 

This evolving industry is attracting a new generation of apprentices seeking a role that blends practical application and installation, with emerging technology and on the job training. With a typical timeframe of less than two years and limited places available due to the nature of the roles being divided by division and branch, the spots are in high demand. 

Luca moved into a security apprenticeship after first considering a career as a builder. After finishing school he worked with his step-dad and found he enjoyed the variety and pace more than a standard classroom environment.

“I found it all (learning and application) came easier and faster to me and I enjoyed being independent. I didn’t want to work in an office and liked the idea of doing something different everyday.” 

This sentiment is shared by Adam who agrees that there is so much to learn that there is no ‘standard’ day. 

“You could be running data cables, installing access control, intercoms or alarms or CCTV and even this is complex and varied, as you have so many options to choose from and lots of methods to learn.”

Due to the complex and multifaceted nature of security services – smart products, electrical wiring, installation and commercial vs residential, the scope for zoning in on an area that appeals to you is high. 

Nick, an apprentice who has worked with Vision Systems for three years, believes the role of security technician will change in the near future. 

“With the advent of smart homes, appliances will get smarter and this will change the need for mains wiring and how data is used to improve the experience. We’re seeing it already with interactive touch pads for gates and doors – it’s all about integrated systems.”

Tristan Bailey, director at Vision Systems is excited about the future of security and the role apprentices play at the company:

“Having grown up with smart phones and TVs, this generation is switched on and expects a seamless UX (user experience) held together by technology. This natural aptitude for technology enables them to spot opportunities to do things differently and bring an innovative perspective to big jobs and installs. As more homes and commercial buildings invest in smart products, the opportunity to make your mark as a technician increases.” 

Another apprentice making their mark in the industry is Jonty. For him, the ability to learn on the job and work with emerging technology provides the opportunity to continually improve. 

“There is always room for improvement in any role, but when you get to work with experienced technicians and apply their knowledge with new products it means you combine the best of both worlds to deliver something you can be proud of.” 

With a few years’ experience under their (tool) belt, here’s their advice on getting started as an apprentice:

  • Always ask questions along the way and be willing to soak up information so you can share it with others and bank it for later on. 
  • Have an open mind and try to learn from and understand your colleagues – you’re all in it together.
  • Consider your location when applying – there is more work in the cities and big towns than rural locations. 
  • It pays to be more technically-minded and to have a natural aptitude for attention to detail – these things are crucial when it comes to wiring and cables. 
  • Finally, have a positive mindset and don’t moan when asked to do smaller tasks. Everything is a learning opportunity and the little pieces will eventually become part of the bigger picture. 

Sound like the kind of culture and team that you’d like to be a part of? We’re always on the lookout for our next Vision Systems superstars to join the team! If you’re ready for a new challenge, reach out – we’d love to hear from you.

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