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A day in the life of… An electrical apprentice

Kirsty works in Christchurch and loves the variety her job affords her. On a standard day she could be driving across the city to pick up supplies and tools for a project, watching and learning about the installation of cutting-edge electrical systems or solving complex challenges for clients. As an electrical apprentice, Kirsty gets the best of both worlds. 

Apprenticeships have been an integral part of business for years with the aim of providing education and training that enables people to learn a skill on the job instead of in theory – it is a mutually beneficial framework for educational institutions and businesses, particularly the trade industry. 

Kirsty is just finishing her final year as an apprentice and wanted a role that offered an alternative to the standard 9-5 and challenged her everyday.   

“There is no standard day when you’re an apprentice and that’s part of the appeal for me; it means I am constantly learning and can often be in a different place every day. I am constantly exposed to different techniques and methods, which enables me to start developing my own approach to a job.”

Vision Systems believes investing in the future and next generation of talent is crucial to New Zealand’s economy and nurturing a pipeline that can shape innovation in the industry. The company has offered apprenticeships since their second year of operation and director Tristan Bailey is enthusiastic about what they bring to the business. 

“The calibre is high and every year they set the bar higher with their dedication, investment in their job and career, and willingness to learn a trade that is rapidly evolving due to emerging technology. 

“They bring a fresh perspective, positive energy and infectious enthusiasm for understanding the wider ecosystem within the industry – something that has become even more relevant and important during the last couple of years.”

Jisoo also works in Christchurch and started his career as a trainee arborist, can confidently reel off technical terms and popular commercial solutions, demonstrating his passion and ambition for the future. Despite his confidence, Jisoo admits the first couple of years were disorientating and confusing as he navigated his way around the complexities of electronics. 

“You really have to appreciate how important it is to observe and listen; you start to understand there is more than one way to do something and it influences your personal style. By watching and asking questions, you’re learning from seasoned professionals who want to do the best job.” 

Both Kirsty and Jisoo believe there are many benefits and rewards to starting your career as an apprentice, here’s their top tips and advice:

  • If you’re interested in an electrical apprenticeship or any trade role, consider taking a pre-trade course and getting familiar with the tools of your trade, like a screwdriver or a drill. 
  • The electrical apprenticeship usually takes between 3-4 years and is an investment of time and energy – you have to make a commitment. 
  • Research the industry and find out more about what might appeal to you – there are plenty of opportunities. Kirsty loves working with and learning about sustainable and renewable energy and how she can incorporate this into her career. Jisoo is interested in operations – in supply chains, technology and running projects. 
  • Turn up with the right attitude and a willingness to learn: “no one is going to hold your hand, you’ve got to want to put in the work,” said Kirsty. 
  • Think about the future and how diverse your work could be – the advent of smart homes technology like AI means that the design of electrical projects could be even more interesting in the future. 
  • Always keep on top of things – there is always more to learn and you’ll need to be prompt, pay attention and ensure that you’re making the best of every opportunity. 

As apprenticeships begin to gain increased popularity, there has never been a better time to consider a career in an industry filled with opportunities. Here at Vision Systems we partner with the Apprentice Training Trust (ATT), an organisation that matches ambitious apprentices with businesses in trade. There are numerous benefits to partnering with ATT, including the recruitment process, ongoing training opportunities and the ability to select the right apprentice for your business. They work with apprentices and businesses in multiple trades – the perfect way to streamline the process to hire at scale across numerous skill sets. 

Sound like the kind of culture and team that you’d like to be a part of? We’re always on the lookout for our next Vision Systems superstars to join the team! If you’re ready for a new challenge, reach out – we’d love to hear from you.

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